An Advanced Wristband

  • Realtime Reporting

    Transaction reports are recording in realtime

  • Location-Based Marketing

    Seamlessly market your offers and promotions

  • Access Control

    EZ-Band can be used to access doors

  • Customer Retention

    Retain existing customers with EZ-Band

  • Cashless/Ticketless

    No more need for large amount of cash and countless tickets

  • Secure Transaction

    Secure purchases using your EZ-Band account

  • Queue-less

    Skip the queues and check-in at Fast Pass entrances

  • Consumer Tracker

    Keep track your purchase history at any time

Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting provides transaction
report updates in real time.

Location-Based Marketing

Promote special offers to customers
nearby using location-based services to
gain advantage in marketing

Access Control

EZ-Band's functionalities stretches out
to offering access control in hospitality
sectors. Open hotel doors without the
need of an extra card key.

Customer Retention

Retain or attract new customers
with loyalty bonuses or promotional
offers that are made possible with
EZ-Band users.


Experience the luxury of traveling
cashless and ticketless with EZ-Band.

Secure Transaction

Charge all your purchases to your EZ-Band
account. Extensive measures are in place to
protect your information which is a
responsibility we take very seriously.


Save your time and skip the queue
by simply tapping your EZ-Band at
supported Fast Pass entrance touch

Consumption Tracker

EZ-Band synchronises your data with
your smart devices and displays your
information in easy-to-read charts
and graphs.

Everything you need, all in one place

A seamless app experience from devices to dashboard

  • Plan Your Trip

    Purchase tickets and plan ahead for your trips

  • Unlock Special Offers

    Access Sentosa's EZ-Band exclusive discounts

  • Manage Your Bands

    Top up and view your badn details

  • Transaction History

    View purchase details linked to your EZ-band account


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